About Us


Memory Valley Music is a technology company that works with music publishers, a record labels and copyright administration companies. We have over 100 years of experience in the music industry. We act as a liaison between the copyright owners, the death care industry professionals and the families looking to use the songs in a memorial/tribute video, photomontage, or slideshow.

We are certified music supervisors that represent thousands of songs from companies such as Universal Capital CMG, BMG, Sony Essential Music, Kobalt, Morgan Music Group, Brumley Music Group and many more.

Memory Valley Music’s focus is the copyright owner, the funeral homeowners and the bereaved. We are committed to representing the copyright owner, protecting the funeral homeowners while allowing the bereaved to tell the story of their love one’s life story through legally obtained music.

Music is the soundtrack of our lives. Even when our lives come to an end, music helps us heal. Memory Valley Music provides innovative technology for death care industry professionals to help their clients tell the story of their loved one’s lives without fear of litigation.

We provide yesterday’s classics and today’s hit songs in a pre-cleared, legal form for death care industry professionals or families to use to customize the tribute videos or slide shows, archived streamed services and DVD copies provided to families.


Betsy Brumley - CEO

3rd Generation Music Publisher and Licensing Expert


Kevin Bernier - COO

25 Years of operations management with airlines and music publishing


Dennis Lord - Attorney

40 years in the music industry specializing in copyright law and music licensing


Robbie Musson - CBO

30 years in the construction and real estate industry as an owner, manager, business developer and client relations