Licensed Music For Memorial Tribute Videos

Why do I need a Synchronization License?

Anytime copyrighted music is synchronized to a video, anyone who uses that music must obtain a license from the copyright holder(s) to legally use their music. No matter what the use is for. This would include a video/slideshow/photo-montage memorial or tribute, a DVD of the service or an archived version of a live stream event on a website.

Even if the Funeral Home or Crematorium doesn’t create the memorial/tribute video, they cannot play the video at any service or place it on a website without the proper license.

Yes, you already pay for a performance license to BMI, ASCAP and SESAC each year. But that license only covers the music that is being performed live or in recorded form in a public setting or being performed live or in recorded form at a funeral or graveside service. It does not cover any memorial, tribute or photo-montage video at the service or on a website. This requires a synchronization license.

A license from Memory Valley Music gives you the ability to add the video to your funeral homes website. You're also able to add the video to social media and make up to 5 DVD copies.